Expectations are high at South Garda Karting ahead of the Final of the 28th Spring Trophy, race to be held on Sunday March 12th. A total of 176 drivers of national categories will fight for the victory in first round of the Regional Championship and 98 drivers of X30 alike in the X30 Challenge Italy.
Lonato del Garda (Brescia, Italy). A total of 274 of the 280 entered drivers made it to the track in Lonato for the final round of the 28th Spring Trophy that is underway this weekend at the South Garda Karting circuit.
A record number of 176 drivers got on track in the national categories at the Spring Trophy, race valid also as first round of the Regional Championship Lombardia, Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta and Liguria. Another important record has been set by the some further 98 drivers that made it to the track in X30 for the first round of the X30 Challenge Italy Championship.
Regarding national categories, the “queen” KZ2 totaled 46 drivers on track, while 60 Mini reached level 41. Very good presence also in the KZ3 categories (former Prodriver) that count 63 drivers split among Junior, Under and Over and in KZ4 (former 125 Club) that saw 10 drivers on track. The smallest Entry Level counts 11 very young drivers challenging each other, while 5 drivers partake in the event in OK Junior. Among the categories of the single make X30, the most crowded is Senior that counts 31 drivers at the start; in order of presence, X30 Junior follows then with 20 racers, X30 Master with 18, X30 Mini with 17, X30 Super with 7 and X30 Super Shifter with 5.
Qualifying that took place on Saturday March 11th identified the initial protagonists of the event. Final stages will take place on Sunday March 12th with Prefinals starting at local 9.40 as Finals will follow at 14.15. The event will be covered by Live Streaming available at the website
All results, Live Timing and Streaming feed available at
The results of qualifying follow:
KZ2 Serie-1: 1. Lapina (Italcorse-Modena-Vega) 46.071. 
KZ2 Serie-2: 1. Gonzales (Maranello-Tm-Vega) 45.903.
KZ3 Junior: 1. Cesari Roberto (Maranello-Tm-Vega) 46.925.
KZ3 Under: 1. Nalon (Formula K-Tm-Vega) 46.996.
KZ3 Over: 1. Tonoli (Maranello-Tm-Vega) 47.359.
KZ4: 1. Moretti (Tony Kart-Tm-Vega) 47.994.
OK-Junior: 1. Torreggiani (CRG-Tm-Vega) 49.048.
60 Mini Serie-1: De Rossi (Top Kart-Iame-Vega) 54.214.
60 Mini Serie-2: Gallo (Righetti R.-Tm-Vega) 54.121.
X30 Mini: 1. Trentin (Energy-Iame-Komet) 55.020.
X30 Junior: 1. Cartey (Formula K-Iame-Komet) 50.404.
X30 Senior: 1. Russo (Tony Kart-Iame-Komet) 49.708.
X30 Master: 1. Donadei (Evokart-Iame-Komet) 50.896.
X30 Super: 1. Favaro (Zanardi-Iame-Komet) 47.641.
X30 Super Shifter: 1. Zemin (Gold-Iame-Komet) 46.768.
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In the picture: Lorenzo Lapina, KZ2. 
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