Bernardotto claimed the victory in the Final and the KZ2 Trophy. The other winners are: Cesari (Prodriver Under), Danti (Prodriver Over), Miastkowski (Club), Enders (Mini), Antonelli (Entry Level), Prantl (Rotax Mini), Limena (Junior), Amati (Max) and Alberti (DD2).
Lonato del Garda (Brescia, Italy). The Spring Trophy held at the South Garda Karting circuit of Lonato set another participation record in its 27th edition, that counted nearly 500 drivers – 498 for the sake of greater precision – on track in the two rounds that took place on 19-20 March (293 drivers) and 2-3 April (205 driver). Such a success confirms the positive trend of the most popular Italian circuit, rewarding the latest updates on the layout that has been extended to 1.200 meters and the improvement of services delivered to drivers.
The success of the event was completed on 2-3 April by a nice event featuring vintage karts of the 90s. A total of 66 drivers, coming mainly from the UK, paid tribute to the mythical 100cc karts putting up a very interesting show for all the fans present at the South Garda Karting.
The racing weekend saw on track the national categories of KZ2, Prodriver Under and Over, 125 Club, 60 Mini and Entry Level (60 drivers) and those of the Rotax Italia (79 drivers), as the latter were fighting for the third round of the North Zone.
KZ2. The most powerful category, KZ2, saw a great duel for the victory of the 27th edition of the Spring Trophy. The two main protagonists of this challenge were Enrico Bernardotto from Vicenza, at the debut on CKR-Tm, and the driver from Trento Massimo Dante (Maranello-Tm), who has won editions 2011, 2012 and 2015 of the trophy. This time around the final victory went to a stunning Bernardotto, who won the closing Final leading Dante. The two drivers ended equal on points as Dante had won the first round leading Bernardotto. Tie breaker was the result of qualifying: the two tenths advantage in qualifying of Bernardotto over Dante handed the title to the driver from Vicenza.
Regarding the classification of the Final held on April 3rd, Nicola Gnudi (VRK-Tm) secured a great third place leading Lorenzo Giannoni, at the debut on CRG, and Mirko Colombo on Energy. Flavio Sani, at the debut with Maranello-Modena, was sixth at the end of a great recovery race due to a 10s time penalty he was handed in the Prefinal, race that he had ended in P2 behind Bernardotto and ahead of team mate Dante. Sani had the satisfaction of setting the fastest lap of the Final though.
Final classification of the Spring Trophy, KZ2: 1. Bernardotto points 87; 2. Dante 87; 3. Gnudi 80; 4. Medeghini 75; 5. Colombo 72; 6. Del Vecchio 69; 7. Baldi 66; 8. Zoanni 66; 9. Salmaso 64; 10. Ceresoli 62. 
PRODRIVER UNDER. Roberto Cesari (Maranello-Tm) claimed the victory in the Prodriver Under, after winning also the first round. He therefore won the Trophy with full haul. Cesari pipped Prefinal winner Emanuele Denti (Rossokorsa-Tm) and Rodolfo Massaro (Energy-Tm) in the Final. The fourth and fifth place went respectively to Riccardo Lucini and Lorenzo Natrali, both on CRG.
Final classification of the Spring Trophy, Prodriver Under: 1. Cesari points 90; 2. Massaro 82; 3. Natali 78; 4. Denti 77; 5. Salvetti 76; 6. Lucini 73; 7. Zambelli 71; 8. Dalle Vedove 70; 9. Gianassi 56; 10. De Marchi 55.
PRODRIVER OVER. Fabio Danti (Maranello-Tm) took the victory of Prodriver Over, with Cristian Griggio and Gianni Corti, also on Maranello, joining him on the podium. The Italian Champion Andrea Tonoli (CRG-Tm) missed out on hitting the big target, as he was involved in an incident following a not great start that forced him to a recovery race. The fourth place went to Mauro Trentin (Tony Kart-Vortex), who led Tonoli in fifth. The victory of the Trophy went to Danti.
Final classification of the Spring Trophy, Prodriver Over: 1. Danti points 83; 2. Tonoli 81; 3. Griggio 81; 4. De Mezza 78; 5. Corti 69; 6. Scagnelli 45; 7. Alacqua 37; 8. Guggiari 36; 9. De Palma 35; 10. Filippini 34.
125 CLUB. Marco Miastkowski on VRK-Tm won both the Prefinal and Final of 125 Club, leading his team mate Maurizio Giberti. The third place went to Tiziano Micheli (Energy), and the fourth to the winner of the first round Emanuele Micheletti (VRK). Lucio Pagliani (CRG-Tm) rounded up the top 5. Miastkowski claimed also the victory of the trophy. 
Final classification of the Spring Trophy, 125 Club: 1. Miastkowski points 85; 2. Giberti 84; 3. Micheletti 80; 4. Piovani 76; 5. Pagliani 76; 6. Micheli 75; 7. Micheletti 75; 8. Pasotti 71; 9. Mazza 69; 10. Casarin 34.
60 MINI. The German winner of the first round Paul Enders (CRG-Iame) took a dominant victory of this round too and that of the 60 Mini trophy with it. Enders proceeded Andrea Barbieri (Energy-Lke) and Giorgia Barbieri (FA-Lke) in the Final.
Final classification of the Spring Trophy, 60 Mini: 1. Enders points 90; 2. Vischi 42; 3. Zbul 40; 4. D’Amico 39; 5. Vavassori 38.
ENTRY LEVEL. Alessandro Antonelli (Top Kart-Lke) was the absolute winner of the Entry Level – category reserved to kids between 6 and 8yrs.  This victory followed the one obtained in the first round of the trophy. The other top positions went to Nicolò Caserta (Tony Kart-Lke), Riccardo Ferrari (Croc-Parilla), Francesco Lorandi (Tony Kart-Lke) who is the cousin of Alessio and Leonardo, and then to Giacomo Pedrini (PCR-Lke). The trophy was won by Antonelli.
Final classification of the Spring Trophy, Entry Level: 1. Antonelli points 90; 2. Ferrari 80; 3. Caserta 80; 4. Lorandi 76; 5. Pedrini 42; 6. Castellozzi 39; 7. Bodellini 36.
ROTAX MINI. A great race and a triumphant win highlighted the speed of Selina Prantl (BirelArt), who managed to recover all the way from the sixth place of the Prefinal. Behind Selina, podium finish for Filippo Chiamenti (EKS) and Gregorio Bertocco (Zanardi). The fourth place went to  Matteo Bonato (Praga) and the fifth to Andrea Bertuzzi (Top Kart).    
ROTAX JUNIOR. An incident at the start of the Prefinal of  Rotax Junior sent off a lot of drivers. The race kept on going under the slow regime and the victory went to Riccardo Di Persia (Birel). Mattia Sergio Limena (EKS) managed anyway to win the Final leading Cristian Babbolin (OK1) and Michael Rosina (EKS). The fourth position went Alessandro Bonini's way (Energy), as Cesare Alberto Bonini (Tony Kart) was fifth.
ROTAX MAX. Giorgio Amati (Sodi) secured the victory in Rotax Max, closing his effort with Filippo Laghi (Kosmic) in his slipstream. The third place on the podium went to Michele Fontana (EKS), while Anthony Somma (Exprit) was fourth and Chiara Zorzi (Sodi) fifth, after the second place she obtained in the Prefinal. The first position of Max Over was taken by Fabrizio Pavarini (EKS), who was followed by Andrea Cristin (Oberon) and Tommy Cherubini (Ricciardo).  
ROTAX DD2. Riccardo Alberti (BirelArt) took a dominant win in DD2 securing the victory of the Prefinal and Final. Natalia Valentina Balbo ended with a great second place leading Ennio Sessa (BirelArt). Claudio Pagliarani, third at the flag, was later on handed a 10s time penalty which relegated him to P6. The fourth place was therefore inherited by Alessandro Repele (Wildkart) and the fifth by Andrea Monaci (Parolin). Fermo Bernasconi (BirelArt) took the victory in DD2 Over, proceeding Alessandro Tosi (Tony Kart) and Giuseppe Riscica (Sodi) at the chequered flag.
The complete results of the 27th Spring Trophy are available at  www.southgardakarting.it
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In the picture: KZ2, Massimo Dante (23) and Enrico Bernardotto (11).
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